IPC 7711/7721 Certification

IPC 7711/7721 training is an advanced soldering course for anyone responsible for quality control of refurbished or repaired electronics. Students will learn IPC-approved procedures & requirements, tools, materials and methods to be used in the modification, rework and repair of printed circuit board assemblies. Lead-free standards and materials are included in this class.

About the class:

  • Course Length: 40 hours 
  • Recertification course length: 16 hours 
  • Certification length: 2 years


The course follows the listed modules including the module 1 mandatory IPC information module:

7711 - Rework

  1. Document introduction & Common Procedures  
  2. Wire splicing procedures  
    1. discussion of feasibility of repairing damaged wires and demonstration of wire stripping along with all of the abovementioned wire splices
    2. covers wire tinning using a soldering iron and a solder pot
  3. Through hole components removal/installation
    1. covers the various ways to install and remove PTH type components

    2. graded on the IPC Class 3 criteria on installations of various axial and radial leaded devices

  4. Chip/melf removal/installation
    1. various ways to install SMT chips and MELF using both conductive and convective techniques
    2. Appropriate workmanship standards are reviewed and students must install and remove components to the IPC Class 3 criteria
  5. Gull wing devices removal/installation
    1. component polarity and orientation issues associated with multi-leaded SMT devices and Quad Flat Packs
    2. install and remove devices to the IPC Class 3 criteria
    3. Surface mount land preparation
  6. J-lead/removal/installation
    1. installing and removing surface mount J-leaded devices (Plastic Leaded Chip Carriers) and Quad Flat Packs
    2. conductive (point-to-point and drag soldering) and convective (hot-air and solder paste) techniques

7721 - Repair

  1. pwb circuit repair
  2. laminate
  3. conformal coating identification removal/repair

Individuals who have completed requirements for the IPC-7711 and IPC 7721 CIS or CIT courses will receive a certificate remain certified for two years.