Why Soldering is a Great Job for Disabled Vets

Soldiers released from service and transitioning back into civilian life have a lot of things to consider and adapt to. One of them is the job market.

21 million people living in the United States have military experience. Many of them have been successful finding jobs that match the skills they learned in the military. But what about veterans with physical and mental disabilities? There’s a perception among employers that veterans are difficult to hire. But more often than not, that’s not the case because veterans present skills that are useful in the civilian world.

Job-seeking veterans have many organizations helping them find a job. The military prepares soldiers for a variety of reputable skills including engineering, management, legal preparations and execution and IT work. These skills make veterans suitable for many different jobs. Veterans often have experience in leading and managing large troops, so veterans are also accepted and drawn to management positions.

Disabled veterans often find it difficult to find a suitable job for them. Hiring disabled veterans with possible injuries or mental problems can require more paperwork and heavier liability from the employer. That being the case, great jobs for disabled veterans are IT work, management and even soldering. Careers for disabled veterans can be long and successful, given that the veteran finds a job that suits them well.


Soldering is a suitable job for a veteran, which is great because it is fairly simple and easy to learn. It can be performed while sitting down, which makes it ideal for veterans with physical disabilities. It can also be performed in groups or alone, so a vet with any mental disability, such as PTSD, can still successfully complete this job. In addition, soldering pays fairly well: soldering jobs start from $15 per hour. Of course, some people would rather work for themselves, in which case soldering work can begin with a low start-up cost and employers are frequently willing to pay for the training. Soldering is a suitable job for anyone who is interested in it and wishes to work in the field. You can even learn from home!

Nikolas James